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The EU 27 Home Improvement & Garden Market had a sales volume of 672 billion Euro in the year 2013. Thus every citizen of the EU 27 spent 1,337 Euro for building materials, garden and DIY products. Looking at the timeline, a huge retracement due to the financial crises in 2009 can be seen: the decrease was about 16.8 percent%. Especially in the DIY assortment and the building materials sector the crises strikes. Garden product sales decreased "“only"” by 8.3 percent%. Until now, sales could not reach the amount of 765 billion Euro in 2008. Too many countries in the EU still have financial problems which stunt a recovering of the building construction and completion industry. So today sales figures are still 12.1 percent% below the relatively huge amount in 2008.

The most important distribution channel in the EU 27 is "“others"” incl. craftsmanship with a market share of 72.8 percent%. According to our experience, approx. 97 percent% of this amount is traceable to the craftsmanship. With 10.0 percent% DIY superstores reached position 2 in the European home improvement and garden market.

The study “The Home improvement & Garden Market in the European Union” contains the following material:

  • Total market volume and development 2008-2013
  • Development of 3 assortments 2008-2013
  1. DIY assortment
  2. Building material assortment
  3. Gardening assortment
  • Distribution structure 2013 (6 sales channels)
  • Figures for the EU in total and all 27 countries

All figures concerning the Home Improvement & Garden Market in the European Union.

The study “The Home improvement & Garden Market in the European Union”, supports traders and manufacturers in planning, strategy development and monitoring. Thanks to high-quality market data Management decisions can be prepared and secured on a solid basis.

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