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Market Research

Market Research

IFH research services

IFH research services provide you with high-calibre market research – not research off the peg but research specially tailored to the issues concerning your business and sector.

Our researchers address questions of B2C and B2B – including on an international basis. Both qualitative and quantitative market research methods are applied from the fields of primary and secondary research.

Our services include:


Comparative studies & benchmarking

IFH experts support you in determining meaningful benchmark measurements.



Learn how your customers cross channels in your sales system, which cross-channels are effective and the cross-channel opportunities you are not yet exploiting in your sales channel system.


Customer journey & touchpoints

Find out more about your customers through customer-journey mapping. We analyse your business to identify the points where potential customers are lost to the competition, as well as the reasons for this.


Customer & consumer insights

Systematic orientation to the needs, motives and habits of consumers will help you to identify market potential, exploit market opportunities, and manage market risks. Find out more about your customers and optimise your customer approach.


Customer segment analysis

Analyse with us your customer structuring. Our experts can classify your target groups into homogeneous customer segments. You can then use this as a basis for your strategic and operative decision making.


Customer satisfaction

Find out the strengths and weaknesses of your business – including competitor comparisons – from the customer viewpoint. We determine the opportunities you have to optimise customer retention.


Market and competitor analysis

Dependable data on market size, scope, trends, segments, target groups, and competitors form the basis for meaningful market strategies. Our experts in the various sectors help you to identify and demarcate the relevant markets.


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