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IFH Köln

IFH Köln

Markets. Customers. Strategies.

IFH Köln has inside access to provide information, research and consultancy on retail issues relevant to the digital era.

Since 1929, IFH Köln has been the first port of call for dependable data, analyses and concepts to make companies successful and sustainable.

Retailers, manufacturers, service providers, associations and public institutions place their trust in IFH Köln as an independent partner.


Dr. Kai Hudetz

has been on the management board of IFH Köln since August 2009. He had previously been responsible for the ECC Köln digital brand. Many years of experience make Dr. Hudetz one of the most sought-after ecommerce experts. He is also a popular speaker and presenter at high-calibre events.

Boris Hedde

has been on the management board of IFH Köln since the end of 2009. He had previously spent 10 years in market research specialising in brands and communication. Boris Hedde is a sought-after expert for marketing and sales topics within the retail sector.